VMW Earnings play tonight

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FAST.AM, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Earnings after the bell. What do u think ?
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  3. I'm scared to go long and I'm scared to go short
  4. FAST.AM


    Agree the market has no more love for High PE's after todays debacle
  5. I'm shitting myself right now. Can't decide. Gut says buy VMW ad EMC. Both dumping into close.....f me.
  6. jbride12


    buying EMC you get both, don't you? doesn't EMC own a large chunk of VMW?
  7. My advice: BUY NOW

    the downside is at worse 15%

    but the upside is at best around 15%

    however , the odds favor an upside

    But what if it goes down?

    Um it will rebound. You add more if it dips.
  8. FAST.AM


    Dam up big AH..... I miss'd this one
  9. Yup

    When you have a high momentum, high growth, in favor stock, trading at a high share price your best bet is to just go in.
  10. FAST.AM


    Could have got it AH at 105... thats history now
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