Vladimir Putin agreed to lift the Grain Export Ban from July 1, 2011.

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    I saw that on the Bloomberg earlier. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-...-on-july-1-as-planting-climbs-putin-says.html

    Story is that not all the grain is good. I am very interested in seeing how this will effect the markets. I expect a knee-jerk reaction to the down side in commodities but...who knows. I will stay out. Maybe a little pop up in the dry bulk??? I'm thinking DRYS...etc.

    By the way... nice name. I am salivating for dolmas right now and some phyllo cheese triangles!
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    The Company DryShips, Inc., Stock Symbol: DRYS,

    http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=DRYS+Profile ,

    seems that is a very speculative Stock.

    Easily someone can burn it with it.

    Now, right now i believe that we do not know the exactly Russian USD Export FOB Grains Price/s per Tonne,

    for to see how will raise the Businesses of DRYS.

    By the Way that mention of you, looks how important are:

    1) The Grains Ocean Freight Rates,

    2) USD Export FOB Grains Price's per Tonne.

    I believe that are very difficult Sectors for to get someone Informations.

    Now, seems that, at least of Wheat,

    the Russian Prices are 50% cheaper than the current World Prices.

    Possibly, the Russian will have very big Businesses for the Near Future if we suppose that everything goes well with their Crops.

    Now, i have to say, that likes me the Dolmades and the Tyropitakia (Phyllo Cheese Triangles that you mention)...

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    George Kanellopoulos.