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  1. Still making plenty of money in todays market. But damn......taking a look back at the $VIX......can someone please take us back to 1997-2003. :D

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    Trading equities feels like trying to move in a tar pit. I bet there's some machine that's buying EVERY SINGLE downtick and selling EVERY SINGLE uptick nowadays.
  3. i'd be perfectly happy to see it @20. is that too much to ask? prolly yes; we are in a clear downtrend and i wouldn't be surprised if we take out 10 and stay below.
  4. See you at 5. Shit will have 2 cent ranges on the day, ending the day up 1 cents. Fun.
  5. what is the explanation for low VIX in 93-95? machine trading was not the reason.
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    Good question. I don't know why VIX was so low in 93-95. Or is it "normal", and the high volatility of 97-02 an exception perhaps related to the bubble?
  7. what an excellent question //// anyone?
  8. VIX 10.45...down .45


    According to the stock market, the world is at peace forever, the economy is the peak of perfection, and cancer has been cured. :confused:
  9. today is option expiration. i guess VIX drops quite often on such days.
  10. It doesn't quite often drop to 10.45.
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