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    I put on a couple of 1 lots short on the VIX, hoping Vol would come in after the payroll report. Worked out rather well due to the bullish numbers, but I think it would not have lost much even if the figure had been terrible.

    Is this a potential "free money" trade the thursday before payrolls each month?
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  2. ES has almost closed the GAP, but our poor Trend Fader says he is short the IWM which hasn't budged . . . 119.91 last with the ES at 1136.00

    Another example of a guy that has no idea what he is doing.

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  3. Again for the small cap indexes!

    IWM: 120.19 +1.30

    Did Trend Fader get run over again today?
    Anyone know if he is still alive?

    I'm worried about our Boy.
    I really am.

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