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  1. Bingo. Check out the put/call ratios from yesterday:

    Total Put/Call Ratio 1.31

    Index Put/Call Ratio 2.27

    Equity Put/Call Ratio 1.10

    To have the index ratio over 2 or the equity ratio over 1 is high indeed. So why is VIX up while SPX is up? Simple supply and demand.

    I'd look for these ratios to come down and vol to come in after tomorrow's payrolls announcement...unless it's a complete disaster like a large negative number.
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  2. SPX: +5.96
    DJI: +15.63

    NASDAQ: +20.79
    NDX: +14.81

    VIX: 16.65 -.09 ( Intraday High: 17.25 Low: 16.65 )
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  3. How is that BIG "short position" of yours looking like today?

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  4. I just scaled in another piece... Average cost a little under $120.

    I am fading this move... I am betting I can make 3 points on the IWM....
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  5. Now dont u feel like a dumbas seeing the ES drop to the flat line? Just keep on buying here.
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  6. I have been long ALL WEEK LONG since SPX 1087 and have sold my longs out on the opening. You are the total "rookie" that "fought" this rally the lows.

    Please tell us what the BIG BOYS were doing since 1087?
    You really have no idea what you are doing.

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  7. No one believes that you have an average IWM short of 120.00, especially since you indicated that you were short yesterday. Go take your 250 shares of BS somewhere else.

    Your crap is getting awfully boring, dude.

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  8. ACtually now I am in the profit.. lol
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  9. You mean on your "imaginary" paper trade?

    Too bad you missed a 5.2% move up from SPX 1087 in one week because you are such a perma-bear.

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  10. tcosync


    ...been reading your thoughts since last weeks low & todays climactic finish(?).

    I would like to say, Great Call! Well done...
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