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  1. Like through a regular brokerage can you buy VIX????

    I can't seem to do it through my brokerage.
  2. You can trade VIX options but not VIX directly, as it's an index. There is an ETF - VXX, which is a proxy trading vehicle for VIX.
  3. Why are the ^VIX option premiums so much more expensive than the VXX option premiums.
  4. Not being fecetious, but .... supply/demand -? :)

    VIX options seem priced in line with other index options, and similarly VXX options seem priced comparable to those on other underlying ETFs and equities in that $18-25 range.
  5. gobar


    because VXX is for short term vol. if the market continuous to be choppy like this VXX will go to ZERO

    For past 3 months I have been watching VXX and all it does is go south just like UNG....
  6. I want to right covered calls on ^VIX

    Is there any way of doing this?
  7. To right a covered call, grab the centerboard and pull down hard.

    To <i>write</i> a covered call (if that happens to be your actual intent), select "sell short" on your broker's pulldown menu.
  8. haha, i noticed the right after it was too late to edit.

    But I don't think you understand what is going on.

    The question is how do I get long the asset that I'm writing the covered call on, which is ^VIX....?
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