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    How to use it in a trading method?

    I have not yet.......... I am just thinking about how to view it in terms of short term trading etc'
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    Also CME is going to launch a VIX future contract
  3. You have to decide upfront whether the VIX is a leading or lagging indicator to the underlying market. Even then, it can be in its own little world. :eek:
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    Ok, thanks for input that is not some kind of slam or insanity.

    I agree, it just another trading vehicle.
  5. It works well within the context of Intermarket Analysis- market relationships- Ive done a lot of charting-its a decent indicator- it helps in confirmation or reinforcing my opinion.
    The number itself doesn't mean much to me - I'm more of what some call "discretionary". The old saying "low , time to go and high time to buy seems true enough though.