VIX up 8% today??

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    This is too funny. Amazing how quick it rises.

    CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX (Chicago Options:^VIX) Delayed quote data Edit
    Index Value: 13.04
    Trade Time: 4:15PM ET
    Change: Up 0.97 (8.04%)
    Prev Close: 12.07
    Open: 12.60
    Day's Range: 12.48 - 13.08
    52wk Range: 9.39 - 23.81
  2. volatility is volatile.

    There's a reason why VIX options often trade at > 100% IV.
  3. I'm long some vix calls, they didnt move today. Funny.
  4. Market has started taking out insurance for any sell off in May.

    Probably wont happen now: the market will rise all the way through to November.
  5. Turn the VIX off dont use it to trade off of its the most useless indicator and always gaps up 5% on Mondays.

    last week when that market was soaring, it was up like 1%. Then we get a mild decline in the Dow and it shoots up like were down 300 points, turn it off its not very useful.
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    the vix and vxo is an index and I find them very useful.
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    I noticed the VIX works very well when its above 20, but anything below that seems to be a waste of time.
  8. Yea the VIX is overrated
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    agree. Many think we are going to get a repeat from may 2006, I dont think so.
  10. mondays correction is over, so its a great reason to keep buying.
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