VIX Sub 50 drop

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  1. Setting up for a bear trap midday and strong close.
  2. Just like last time vix was below 50 and the dow sold off 2000 points.
  3. Vix is down like 9% right now and mkts are flat. Shouldn't we be up a lot more for this kind of vix? Seems like a bull trap to me but then again I'm no vix expert.
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    IMO, it's evidence of complacency prior to the slaughter.
  5. 20 ema support is strong on various time frames like the 60 minute and 90 minute. On the lower time frames it's already turned bearish.
  6. The volume just isn't there
  7. Continue leaning short and you will get your a$$ handed to you.

    Unfortunately, Ivanovich moved my gold futs posts to chit chat. I called for 873 top and ZG has cratered some 20 points already. That is a sign of flight to quality - TO STOCKS.

    ES will close 950 today. Don't believe me? Continue to short please.
  8. We touch a big resistance. We're going down soon.
  9. We'll see who right.
  10. I'm hoping it does shoot for 950. I'd love it, actually.

    And incidently, I don't move your "calls" to chit chat because they're wrong, they suck, etc. They might be golden for all I know.

    I'm just hoping you'll post WHY you think so. This forum has 100s of people who post calls. Anyone can do so. The object is to get some intelligent conversation.
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