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  1. Peter8519


    When VIX is above 20, market is getting volatile. When it is above 40, potential correction may occur. Since 2008, such events only occur 5 times including the current one.
    1. Oct 2008 to Apr 2009
    2. May 2010
    3. Aug 2011 to Sep 2011
    4. Aug 2015
    5. Mar 2020
    Be patient, watch it trending down towards 20, and act on it.

  2. What you said everyone knows is WHEN it will come one knows.
  3. LanceJ


    Can you be more specific, "act on it"?
    What example trades would you do now or later. Thanks
  4. Peter8519


    Personally, I would buy index ETF when the VIX is trending toward 20. As long as VIX is above 40, I stay on the sideline.
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  5. Above 40 is rare. "Trending" towards 20 isn't.
  6. Panic hasn't set in until it's north of 100, imho.
  7. trend2009


    forgot Dec 2018?
  8. S2007S


    Tried shorting UVXY and VIXY tonight but no such luck....I believe any day now the VIX is due for at least a 1/3 pullback. I'm bearish but damn that vix is nasty high, a drop below 50 this week is imminent!!!
  9. TommyR


    i would usually start buying as soon as its above the second month just to be on the safe side
  10. LanceJ


    What about Long Calendar spreads?
    Would you pick Calls or Puts?
    ITM, ATM or OTM?
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