VIX -- repeat performance?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by billb2112, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. I'm look at a VIX chart with slow stochastics and other oscillators and I'm noticing that the VIX and slow stochastics are nearly where they were on the 23rd of July. The ultimate oscillator also went a nip above 50 before plunging back down on the 24th. The proverbial spring may be loaded for a short term relief rally. I'd expect to see one tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm also not ruling out a crash. :D
  2. Now there is real commitment. A rally or a sell-off! You are out on a limb.

  3. lay off him inand..........he's probably an analyst
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    Good observation. The VIX currently should at least keep us on our toes, for a possible up swing soon. Maybe after more pain, but at least it's something to keep an eye on.
  5. Lol, yeah either a rally or a crash, he he.

    I prefer the term INFLECTION POINT. All we really know is that tension is building and all will be revealed shortly.
  6. Damn right! hehe ... I've been wrong far too many times to think I can be absolutely right. I'm just making an observation is all. Whenever I want to make an absolute prediction, I change my handle to <I>aphexcoil</I>.

  7. That's precisely what I was getting at. Very succinctly put. I'll have to remember 'inflection point'.
  8. I've got your ultimate oscillator right here...
  9. Unfortunately for you it is always pointing down...

  10. Yep, a grower not a shower...
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