VIX Options Halted

Discussion in 'Options' started by trefoil, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Also futures. Anyone know why?
  2. They're back. Spreads are nuts, but they're back.
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    systems problems at CFE. move along, nothing to see here
  4. Unless you have a thousand spreads and your broker starts playing with the marks. Might be kinda hard to meet this margin call :D

  5. Another weeks worth of days like today, and a lot of spread traders, who don't even realize they are on margin of 8 - 10 times their account value,... are going to find out the definition of "risk management" the hard way.
  6. Did you had a margin call, how was it handled?

  7. put, that was a margin calculation ERROR in ib. completely different situation than you are assuming.

    it was due to the cfe issues. i had a neg liq value also, was in a mild panic also cause i know how ib can auto liq..but in 2 minutes it started clearing up.
  8. Thats a concern with IB.
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    Was there a risk of liquidation at any point due to the marks being off? Also, was this driven by the broker or by the CFE (I don't know what spreads you have on, but I don't remember any super-drastic moves like these)?
  10. sle, second q first; it was a cfe issue..reported by many media outlets. none of my stuff was in actuality against me..especially considering i am very balanced in vol exposure.
    whatever happened, ib was quoting stuff i had on some futs $31,000,000 against me..then similar for me elsewhere. i run some decent sizes but not like that.

    lastly, i do believe ib would auto liquidate if the neg liq stayed there for a prolonged time...although certainly they must have known the whole thing was erroneous ..but u know how computers can just take over.

    i hope rally has some answers to save me the time of asking as i must protect myself better it seems.
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