VIX is moving

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  1. Overnight


    Today's VIX spike was brought to you by the letter K. For Kudlow.
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  2. easymon1


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  3. wildchild


    Please stop!
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  4. Overnight


    Well, you did say the magic word. Yes sir, I will stop now.

    P.S. How's your real-money journal going? Mine is going swell. I'm currently down 900 points on a swing MNQ long from 12060ish. Care to tell us how you are doing, win or lose? Or are you just another shit-fake asshole with no skin in the game?

    Come on babe, bring it on! Prove you are not a faker. I have been posting proof I am not fake for years here. I never said I was profitable. I said I was REAL.

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  5. If you analyze volatility you’ll notice that it tends to clump. Periods of high volatility, and periods of low volatility. That’s why it’s important for traders to be informed and not just look at a lagging indicator, aka “price”.
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  6. wildchild


    What exactly is a real-money journal?
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  7. Poljot


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  8. wildchild


    I guess we forget that I offered to personally mentor you. You shit all over the opportunity.

    Now I call out your bullshit prediction that is just horrible, and you want to talk shit.

    Life is by and large a meritocracy, there are reasons losers like Overnight never get ahead.

    For All ETers

    If you want a decent way to get ahead in life, find successful people and study them. You will notice certain traits that seem to encompass them all. Copy those traits.

    Once you are finished studying the winners, study the losers. Find out what they all have in common and do not duplicate.

    If you need a loser to study, look no further than Overnight. This clown is a loser in life and prides himself on spewing utter nonsense.
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  9. Overnight


    And all this over me not hearing fans booing the Black Anthem on opening night in the NFL.

    A fascinating study in the inane.
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  10. wildchild


    Huh? What planet are you on?
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