VIX in the 10's

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    Incredible. Index options are cheap. Have the put buyers disappeared? Or is the supply from put writers just overwhelming the buyers?

    I think this is a bubble in risk complacency to rival the bubble in crude oil and Google. There's a sale going on in SPX and ES options. Buy some puts or strangles today!

    Think we'll see single digits in the VIX? Is the market really going to be as quiet at the VIX forecasts? If you are an option trader, have the low premiums encouraged you to do some buying? Or are you selling even more contracts to take advantage of the trend?

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  2. VIX going to get delisting notice I heard!!

    short da vIX!!!

    lets go market $$
  3. Heavy bias to buy 'em here. Now if we could only find a @#$#@% trend.

    Actually, I'm looking to buy some index puts as we move into warning season, particularly with oil near record highs. Or sell a few ITM calls .... hmmm.
  4. ktm


    For sellers, it's a good time to get some cheap downside insurance. The Aug 1200P/1190P debit spread is going off at about 2.50 today. The vix keeps dropping because we can't get any downside movement. Every dip keeps getting bought so the fear is draining out.
  5. Seems like a "rollover" from the Greenspan put to the Bernanke put in progress.
  6. has anyone got a 10 + year chart of the VIX? Yo, chasinfla!
  7. Problem is the SPX has not had a 2% drop lower in over 527 trading days.
  8. you can get a long term chart of the old vix at java charts
    this market is unbelievable I wonder why I wasted my time these past weeks and didn't trade Eurostoxx and european fixed income
  9. TGregg


    Wow. I know it has been a long, long, long time since we saw the trading curbs, but didn't know it was that long. Sheesh.
  10. ktrader


    1993 VIX mean = 12.6
    1994 VIX mean = 13.9
    1995 VIX mean = 12.1
    YTD VIX mean = 13.17

    Everyone thinks the market needs to drop off to pump-up the vol. but when the mkt goes range bound. We need to break the range to the upside or downside if vols are ever going to get really juicy again.

    Was anyone on this board trading options in the early 90's?
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