Vix heading lower

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by myminitrading, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Monthly vix chart
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  2. VIX to zero!!!

    I can't wait.... not too much longer before VIX gets sent a delisting notice from SEC$$$
  3. I totally forgot this Friday is options expatriations. No wonder we rallied today.
  4. lowest close EVER, innit.
  5. lowest close since 12-27-93
  6. Yeah, yahoo chart shows the december 1993 low better

  7. boy if this is the lowest close gawd knows where this puppy is gonna land.:(
  8. close @11.66 for that day. lows @9.31
  9. I have been trading using the vix as my sole indicator, along with tick/trin occasionally. No more price, volume, OHLC, pivots, nothing. Its so accurate its scary. Vix hit peak of 23.81 on June 12, Es hit its intra year low. And now of course, vix at 2006 lows and market up huge.
    An intraday vix chart will tell you all you need to know for day trades in the ES. You will notice a crazy spike down in the vix during the morning session if you look at an intraday chart. Foreshadowed the afternoon run up session.

  10. So whats your prognosis?
    #10     Nov 15, 2006