VIX fly (switch)

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  1. B2 Dec, S1 Oct, S1 Jan; 1.10 to the sell (current mark). Will hit parity in 2 weeks. Not an options trade but lacking a vol-forum.
  2. sle


    rolldown looks good, i agree
    the fly itself does look dislocated
    my concern would be the delta aspect of it - the fly is well corred w spot
  3. Yeah. I am also long oct/dec small from 0.10 in another account.
  4. sounds ok, just watch for curve flip as imo oct short and jan short will outpace dec long by a long shot in a vol rise. still a very directional trade. also long a oct dec trade "elsewhere" is already .10 under , so be careful. you are short oct in 2 different trade set ups.
  5. It's a fly!
  6. oct dec touches course i went long too now (@ -.35,-.40), to us!!!
  7. I was down 15-20 cents on it today, not terrible considering we were -40 on ES.
  8. Great speculative play!!! I saw this and put the same fly on using NOV instead of OCT. I only did it 15 by 30 by 15 or so. Liquidity is poor in those back month futures, a large position can easily get too cumbersome to trade out of.

    I also traded 22k vix contracts today...this little future fly won't even make a dent in my option portfolio's p/l, more of a test trade with real money.
  9. :D
  10. very funny. i did warn; but still heavily short vol. tough day; similar to flash crash.
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