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  1. Jgills


    hi all - i've been around this and other forums for a little while and i decided it was time to start journaling on here.

    i've spoken to a few of you privately, some publicly, and thanks to all that have given me guidance.

    my trades are typically held over a week to month time frame, but occasionally could only be a few days and even shorter horizons.

    i welcome your comments/thoughts.

    i currently have a position on that i've been in for a few days now, it is slightly against me at the moment. i'll try posting in real time when i execute, but i work and can't always be here to do it at the exact moment. I'll post my trade pnl when i close trades.

    if you have questions feel free to ask.

    current position:

    long nov vix @ 17.10
    long belly of jfm fly @ .02
  2. JFM (short wings) is popular at the moment. ;)
  3. Jgills


    i got one more nov at 5bps over unch on the day. 17.65. looked great at the time.

    the notional on my fly is much larger than that of the total nov.
  4. Good luck, the flies here need patience. If term structure holds the steep slope (and even if it flattens you still can earn in time) , hang in there.
  5. Jgills


    this is one of those occasions where i don't hold it so long. i sold this @ 18.80.

    net pnl = 1.15 vol
  6. newwurldmn


    good trade.
  7. Jgills


    looking to add a nov somewhere below 18 - i think i can get some today
  8. Jgills


    seems i was a bit too conservative - oh well.
  9. Is the long front vol position a hedge for the fly or a separate trade?
    #10     Oct 25, 2012