Vix Down 21.90-22

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  1. Looks like People feel very comfortable with future news coming this week in regards to employment,auto orders,etc..
  2. What if it is a move down to create space in case of a move up?
  3. Last time we had a low VIX was back in April.
  4. I thought back in April it was lower (below 15?). Check April 23. Do you have a chart?
  5. VIX 22 is not exactly low. we had average VIX in that area in Nov-Dec 2009. the market at that time was range bound with upward bias.
  6. It was pretty low 15.23 was the lowest I believe in April.

  7. I do NOT think highly of Larry McMillan. He is a regurgitator, and lacks insight. He is way over rated. If he were good, he would not be allocating his time to working for marketwatch, and editing his books and sites.

    I also removed link to marketwatch, because if you were to comment on their site and put a link they cancel your account, yet they want others to link to them.
  8. VIX seems pretty calm with all this "news" I guess all the insurance has been bought up and no one seems to be surprised that the economy is gonna be sideways for some time.
  9. Kinda agree on McMillan. BTW I did not know he's now growing a stash definitely bringing back the 70s creeper look.
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