VIX close 14.01

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jrs3, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Lowest close since 1996, went as low as 9.31 in 1993. What does it mean? who knows? I sure don't.
  2. crap volatility :p
  3. It means options premiums suck and it's tough being short gamma.
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    price action volatility is around historic lows, vix *should* be low. great timing on the VIX futures contract, lol.

  5. That is so funny because the daily ranges on the indexes have been great lately with such huge swings.

    So what's up with dat ?

    Yet another useless indicator ?
  6. VIX to negative baby !!!!

    100% up room to go$$$

    free money everywhere when you are long and strong

    Have to keep the market propped up until re-election complete...

    then it falls to hell
  7. I think that's because the indexes themselves are larger giving a bigger point range but on a percentage basis I don't think it's very big.
  8. ER2's range is just as big as ES and percentage-wise, it is near twice as big...
  9. 0 volatility in individual stocks....desperate cocksuckers vying for 8 cents.......ive been on this for always, i hate to be proven right.......there is 0 money to be made 930-400...NONE....and it will get worse.....the former America is finished R.I.P. buried by bolsheviks who have destroyed every Christian country theyve infested since time immemorial....zog is the enemy of mankind and must be viewed as such....we are all sworn to protect this country from all enemies foreign and all the physical gold you can carry and load up on the ammo imho.......this country is, and should be, rich...yet it feels poor....identify the usurpers and their supplicants and know them to be the enemy and treat them as such........when they reach for your First amendment reach for your Second.

  10. Um, ok. That was a useful contribution.
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