VIX back to $23s

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  1. So much for wanting a high VIX in a short amount of time to indicate the bottom. These small up days are just killing our chances of seeing $30.

    We need capitulation for our bottom!!! I would rather have it around 11,300 than around 10,500.

    Just another indication this is going to be a slow ride down.
  2. Realized volatility is down in the last couple of weeks compared to March and January. You're basically asking people to pay higher implied volatility premium than in March.
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    Yeah taht would be nice to get a high vix capitulation day to wash out this market...this market if fkn to not trade it-for me anyways...what happened to pumpanddumper
  4. Your wish may come true in September or October. In the meantime, there could be a sustained Summer Rally. We'll see. Be patient. :cool:

  5. Yes, most are hooked on the VIX and its relative value to prior market lows. Of course what is obviously wrong.

    Don't ever get hooked on one market measure!
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    The vix has traditionally been used to hedge volatility (read sharp drops in stocks) but it hasn't been a very effective instrument in that regard of late, so people are using other things like Ultra short ETFs like SKF. We may be in an era where looking at exhaustion moves in these ETFs is more useful than looking at the VIX to confirm capitulation.
  7. One day does not a new rally make.

    This may be the last trap before the next *GASP* leg down - and the <i>beloved</i> washout.gA
  8. These little upward moves are HURTING us!

    VIX back down to $24s