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    CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX (WCB:^VIX) Delayed quote data Edit
    Index Value: 9.78
    Trade Time: 10:53AM ET
    Change: Down 0.40 (3.93%)
    Prev Close: 10.18
    Open: 10.74
    Day's Range: 9.68 - 10.75
    52wk Range: 9.81 - 23.81
  2. I show it to be at a 12 year low.
  3. All this Index does is confirm that there will be a Wall Street Money printing machine under every tree for Christmas leading to a bright and very prosperous 2007.

    100% completely risk free money to be made. 106.72% up from here.

    Thank you Wall Street!
  4. has anyone ever empirically proven that there is any relationship between the VIX and the stock indices or the VIX and anything else for that matter? I wonder if anyone actually uses the VIX in their analysis and how it could be used, quanitatively that is..
  5. good time to go long VIX calls
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    I still cannot comprehend that when the VIX is above 20 like it was back this past summer that everyone thinks the market is completely oversold.

    But when the VIX is dropping like a rock it doesnt mean a thing.
  7. I have said this before. A really simple formula. When the VIX breaks 20, accumulate long equity positions. When the VIX breaks 10, accumulate short equity positions.

    I know an engineer, who barely has time to research much of anything, much less follow the market everyday like we do. The VIX is the only indicator he has pretty much used for the last four years or so and judging from the various new luxury/sports cars he has, I would say this is certainly not rocket science to figure out.
  8. When the vix drops the market goes up. I don't know about you but that means a whole lot to me.
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    I understand the concept of the VIX but for some reason it only seems to work when its above 20. You hear more mention of it when its above 20 than you do when its below 10
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