^VIX at a 52 week lowwww!!!!!!

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    CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX (WCB:^VIX) Delayed quote data Edit
    Index Value: 10.13
    Trade Time: 1:20PM ET
    Change: Down 0.18 (1.75%)
    Prev Close: 10.31
    Open: 10.13
    Day's Range: 10.10 - 10.35
    52wk Range: 10.13 - 23.81
  2. soon to be 9s
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    whew, that would be unreal....anything is possible so i guess 9's is quite possible at the rate were going.
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    " VIX is low, its time to go"
  5. I know a swing trader who has done very well over the last 7 years or so. Real simple rule. When VIX touches/breaks 20, go long equities & when the VIX touches/flirts with 10, go short equities.

    Still think December is setting up for a good run to be a breakout month and we could see the VIX break historical lows, but at some point this money train very soon will take a break. It could be purely technical, it could be new year musical chair profit taking, or think what would happen if earnings start falling short.
  6. Commodities are selling off across the board, must be good for the stock market at least everyone will say it is., man I am so tempted to short this market I can hardly sit still.
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    have to agree, i remember when the VIX was well above 20 and many were buying, now that its nearing 10 people are still buying....

    DOW UP 70+ points, 17th record....

    this is quite amazing
  8. The vix means Nooooothing

    Even if there was some volitility would that signal a sustained correction?

    No it wouldn't. The upward trend would resume later.
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    ohhh nowwwwwwwww the ^vix means nothing but when the markets were selling off day after day after day and the vix was above 20 the bulls were crying say look at this oversold market with the ^vix above 20+, now the vix is nearly under 10 and it means nothing.....
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    the Vix is the most widely used and accept forward looking measure of volatility in the markets, junior.

    When it gets this low, historically, a higher volitility environment soon follows.
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