VIX at 80

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  1. It's broken above Fridays high.

    Hang on.

    ...and if you find that you must trade this market, decrease your size.
  2. Good advice!
    Just traded 81.17
  3. tragedy on wallstreet
  4. Looking at the chart, this just struck me.

    The market has moved point-wise almost 50% of it's price from bottom last Friday to top Tuesday morning back to the bottom this morning.

    That's gotta be one for the books.
  5. I have a feeling many CTA's that made a business out of shorting volatility won't be around for November :cool:
  6. it will go to 200
  7. thats too conservative, any day now it will start going up 200 a day as the pain gets greater
  8. Some of you guys need to understand what the VIX is all about. We are near an options expiration, tomorrow. PLUS, the options on the VIX expire next Wednesday.

    The VIX won't give anything more than a "skewed" value until we get past next Wednesday.
  9. going to 100 and then will back off
  10. dsq


    the vix has been above 30 for how long now?And how many people have been saying market would rally once its above 40...vix=widow on a single indicator is fatal in this market.Bottom callers are getting killed daily...
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