VIX at 14.95

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lindq, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. lindq


    Hey, I'm just sayin...

    WTF !!!!!!!!

    Feel free to vent here. It's environmentally safe.
  2. Nobody is actually bothering to trade equities right now I hope... I'm trading the EUR/USD lately. Lots of good action there... Just sideways glancing at the indices every day to see if activity is picking up yet. The A team isn't going to be back from the hamptons unless something happens.

    I don't really see much reason why the VIX shouldn't go to 10... We have two insurance contracts against any market fall. (Or at least people think we do.) The bernanke Put, and the Mario Put for the EU.

    Those options will be exercised on any collapse. However, the Germans could ruin the party next month on September 13th.