VIX 15.58----More tough times ahead?

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  1. I believe the all time low in the VIX to be around 9 in 1994, during which time equity markets did NOTHING.......The ridiculous "rules" the NYSE implemented this year (abolition of married puts. riduculous 5 cent rule) have certainly contributed to this disturbing, counterproductive trend and unfortunatley I think we're setting our sights on that all time low.......I believe today's year low close of 15.58 to be a very, very disturbing trend which could mean further contraction, consolidation, and declining volume....I hope I am wrong, but I very rarely am.

  2. This is more of a problem for Eliteinvestors, than Elitetraders.
  3. you're a moron and are probably a nice composite of 90% of the market of button-pushing monkeys who call themselves "tradas".
  4. "This is more of a problem for Eliteinvestors, than Elitetraders."

    Are you kidding me?
    Traders live and die via Volatility and the fact of the matter is that the past 9 months have seen a SEVERE CONTRACTION in Volatility!

  5. Grimer,

    What are you trading?

    PEACE and good-specul8tion
  6. stock jockeying at the moment, but if VIX falls through the floor in January/February, I shall probably look to start trading commodities futures as I've finally really tired of declining volume and volatility, and cannot wait much longer for a Godot rebound in either or both.

  7. Perhaps you are trading the wrong equities. While the market has been nothing more than rolling chop the last two months or so, there are still plenty of "movers" out there. You might want to scroll through each sector and possibly create a new stable to play with...

    PEACE and good-specul8tion
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    grimer u know as soon as u leave itl get good dont you?
    its murphys law
    btw great call on the commodities, if the future of the real volatility of equities is bleak you will have company trading soybeans, natural gas, eminis, bonds and the oat/meal spreads
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    AMAT, INTC, DELL and bunch of others had morning ranges of .40 or better, some both ways. ATVI popped up to 16.58 and then drifted all the way back to 16.05. Look at NFLX. The market will always cycle. And guess what happened late 1994 after all that low volatility?
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    Take a look at RMBS today middle to late afternoon. I do not remember the last time I saw a stock gaining and losing dollars every few seconds, up and down.

    I agree with the original poster. One thing to remember is that volatilty characteristics are persistent. That is, low volatilty persists when there is low volatility, and high volatility persists when high.

    It usually takes a paradigm shift to "knock it out" of a current volatility attractor.

    IMHO, if you leave stocks _now_ and come back to them after the presidential election, that is a better strategy than staying with them now and going to commodity futures same time next year, but who really knows?

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