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    hi guys,

    i wanted to start a thread on which supplements or foods are help has far a trading is concerned.

    right now the only thing that helps me is tons of coffee (like a whole pot) in the morning before trading... because this jobs is not your regular office job which you can get by through the day and doze off and get paid

    looking a tick charts, L2 and the tape for 6 hours is rough even jolted with caffeine imagine being tired :D

    any input is appreciated
  2. Just let me help the topic not only for trading but in general daily life.

    Vitamin Pilles - B or E etc.
  3. I am told Maca is not only good for you but also your wife/girlfriend will notice the "difference" :D !
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    why thank you for the helpful hint :D

    any other suggestions
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    vitamin pills - i personally never took one and never will. just read an article last week about them. it told that those pills do more harm than good. consuming vitamins through pills or through normal eating is by far not the same. actually - those pills are pure chemistry and nothing else. i always thought that you can't give your body too much vitamins - but when it comes to those pills - in fact you can.

    the solution is - eat lots of vegetables and fruit and little meat and fat, etc. balance is the key.
  6. Geritol
  7. ...........PRUNEJUICE.......ahhh, for the losing trades, get them out of your system and move on...
  8. i would like to read that. do you have a link?
  9. Your approaching this the wrong way.

    First of all, your overlooking the most important elements in being fit to trade...

    * Proper Sleep
    * Plenty of Exercise (real exercise)

    Simply, if you need caffeine to get you through the trading have more to worry about than your eating habits.

    As for vitamin supplements...

    I don't recommend it unless you have been tested and have a deficiency that can only be addressed by vitamin supplements (doctor prescription or doctor advice) that was caused by either illness or metabolic problem.

    Simply, normal healthy eating habits that includes when you eat is part of the puzzle to be mentally and physically fit as long as those other areas are taken care off (Proper Sleep and Good Exercise).

    Part of the problem is that many don't know what exactly is healthy eating habits.

    In fact, they are synergetic when used together or need each other to get the job done properly.

    When not to trade?

    Impaired (drugs or alcohol), sick, under extreme personal stress, depression and anything else that can change your emotional state.

    All the above will keep you trading for a very long time...preventing burnout which can also lead to drawdown (trade losses) periods if your not mentally ready to adjust when market conditions change...

    A market that goes through several trading cycles each year.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  10. I would take a more holistic approach, much like Nihaba is talking about. Caffeine is the last thing you would want to take in while trading. It causes spikes and dips in your concentration.

    If you really want to try a different approach, I would strongly suggest being asleep before 10 PM (10 to 2 is the most critical sleep time zone for cleansing and deepest rest). I would also suggest a quick 20 minute meditation, then 20 minutes of light or vigorous exercise (even if it is a couple of sets of pushups, situps and pullups) followed by a lukewarm shower. Breakfast should consist of less sugary/starchy foods. Avoid milk and cheese and go for something fresh like fresh fruit juice and more complex carbs. Eggs are great for their protein value. Try to consume organic foods whenever you can. Be sure to take something you can snack on in between meals. Nuts, fruit, food bar are good. Most importantly, drink A LOT of water throughout the day. Most of us are dehydrated and just don't know it. Dehydration causes fatigue and lack of proper metabolism. I like organic ginger tea by Yogi Tea. I am forced to take a lot of pee breaks and it breaks up the day. If you see anything but clearish water in the toilet when you go, then you are dehydrated. Caffeine has the effect of riding your body of much needed water (diuretic). Pretty much anything that you eat that is highly processed (refined anything, hydrogenated anything or vitamins) is going to have a negative by-product in your body. Most vitamins are not digestible in their pill form.

    If I were you, I would look at how I feel when I wake up after sleep in the morning and why you need so much stimulation from coffee. I suspect that you are running on a massive sleep deficit (I know I am these days with the kids being as young as they are) and you are probably not eating well. If you don't exercise and can't get yourself to do it, then you can greatly benefit from a simple walk for 10 minutes. If you are in a cold climate, bundle up and just go outside and walk around for 5 minutes. This will provoke you to increase the time until you reach a level of benefit/comfort.

    Your body is only made up of what you feed it. It doesn't get anything else to build its cells from. The statement "you are what you eat" is not born out of wit. It is the absolute truth. If you are dumping low octane fuel in your car, then don't expect it to survive long and perform well. Why do we think differently of our bodies?

    Good luck.
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