Vitamin K2 and the Paleo Diet

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    I've been an avid reader on health, vitamins and diet for a long time. This book's premise is vitamin K2 is the missing piece of the puzzle in reducing heart disease and bone loss. And it makes the first good scientific argument I've heard or read for the paleo diet. It takes a good argument to change my mind and this book does that in a non hyped way, with evidence to back up the authors claims. Very good read, I'm not finished reading this yet but I thought there would be others interested in this.
  2. But what kind of k2 is optimal? Do you think our ancestors we consuming huge amounts of knotweed?
  3. Makes sense. There is a review on that Amazon site about how human teeth aren't nearly as healthy as wild animal teeth, and how the difference is because of the respective diets. I am sure there are many other parts of animals which are much healthier than ours because of our shitty diets.

    Healthy natural food vs modern processed crap we've been programmed to buy through advertising?

    Just seems obvious to me.
  4. I've been supplementing K2 for a couple of years. I've been taking 200mcg daily. Not sure if that's enough to make a difference.
  5. french and japanese live the longest , partly due to high K2 intake.

    french eat goose liver and hard cheeses.
    japs- natto.

    these foods are top 3 the highest in Vit K2.

    other factors:
    french drink lots of red wine and have very healthy eating habits.
    small portions, light breakfast, eat slowly.

    japanese: seaweed, fish, chlorella. healthy sex life.

    but the most healthy thing is to retain energy in 2 ways:
    -fasting / calorie restricition
    - a lot of sun exposure -- direct, clean ,pure ENERGY from the SOURCE, GOD, COSMOS!!!!!

  6. just eat a plant based high fiber diet and exersize and you will be fine. there is no magic super supplement that will protect you and there is little evidence that minerals taken in pill form will react in the body like food based minerals.
    on the paleo diet i am not sure why one would want to replicate a diet when people only lived to 30-40 years old.
  7. They didn't die young because of their diet. They died young because of disease (plagues often wiped out 30-50% of an entire population in a matter of months), wars, famine, natural disasters, etc. They ate healthy unprocessed foods when they were available. That's what we evolved to eat, not things that come in boxes, bottles, bags and cans.
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    Check out Dr Steven Sinatra's book, "Metabolic Cardiology", K2 or often packaged as MK7 is a vital link in regulating proper calcium levels, a cousin to CoQ10... in large doses have shown to reverse calcium deposits on arterial walls, actually plaque, cholesterol and calcium deposits, are the bodies way of protecting the arteries, today's statin drugs prohibit the body from forming cholesterol but do not address the actual reason the body tries to wall or paste over the artery, it's weak and in the process of tearing due to mineral deficiencies on the cellular level.

    The whole good/bad cholesterol level medical debate is wrong, address why the body produces excess and/or stores bad cholesterol - fix that and then the levels don't matter.
  9. K2 mk-7 is far inferior compared to K2 mk-4

    CoQ10 is very important to cardiac health. Unfortunately both are very hard to come by in our diets
  10. americans vote with their hard earned money whats best.

    so, the best stuff is: coca cola, hamburgers, french fries, popcorn and potato chips.

    this is what americans support financially.
    they seem to love mac donalds real estate, coca cola plastic bottles, energy drinks in aluminum cans.

    vitamin K2? whueeaat thel fuuuaaack is that shit?
    no, the most advanced civilization on earth with ***democracy*** wants to be 250 lbs, spend 300k usd on plastic surgeries and use huge amounts of cotton to cover the fat bodies.

    this is precisely whats fantastic about america:
    you can actually make even more money by helping them losing weight, which of course- won't happen :D
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