VisualTrader - Does Anyone Have Any Information About It?

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    Does anyone know anything about VisualTrader, an apparently relatively new piece of decision-support software from Nirvana Systems (see: If so, please let us know whether it's worthwhile.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

  2. cute. looks extremely processor-intensive.
  3. I can't tell if it is Wizetrade on steroids or Level II on steroids for sectors and indicators?

    It does look interesting.

    Anyone know anything about it?

  4. looks sort of interesting from the flyer. I hope they are in Anaheim. I'll check it out and post here if there is interest
  5. Nirvana = OmniTrader ( not that this is a repackaging of Omnrader- just the same company). They're in Austin, TX.
  6. yes, Nirvana is the creator of OmniTrader. It sort of looks like a sector version of the best of OT. [I'm an old OT user, btw]

    I've had several requests via PM, so I'll look them up i Anaheim and write a little review when I get back.
  7. I spend about 30 minutes at the Nirvana booth trying to figure out what Visual Trader really was about.

    See for a few screenshots and animations.

    All in all I was terribly disappointed. I did not see anything new or interesting. Maybe the guy demonstrating could have been better, but he certainly failed to impress me.

    Premise: VisualTrader (vt) is supposed to graph sectors and their respective stocks in 3D and indicate breakouts visually. The idea is that the landscape of 3D cylinders would allow you to see which sectors were moving, and which stocks within a sector was the strongest/weakest.

    It was saturday afternoon, so they ran in "playback" mode. They had set the sample interval to 5 minutes, so the cylinders were basically just jumping up and down. It looked like chaos to me.

    Things that may have affected the demo:
    1. The 5 min sampling interval for playback
    2. The guy giving the demo didn't seem to know the product
    3. The guy giving the demo spent quite a bit of time showing it on the ES (emini). I failed to understand why it was interesting to see one cylinder jump up and down; but maybe i missed something.
    4. I could not see any reason why the 3D representation was clearer than a table with the same data. It takes up more room, and it's more difficult to navigate.
    5. The demo-guy didn't seem to really understand sectors and sector trading.

    I'm sorry, but that's about all I got out of it.
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    cool trailer/music look like matrix II, look like it is not 'main stream' enough to mass market. I receive their offer in mail to try omnitrader 'free' regularly but nary a word on this
    some cool cutting edge 3D
  9. Thanks for that link.:) :)
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    just get their promote in the mail, will file report in couple of week, stay tune.
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