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    I have noticed across the board of "software" for traders, not many implement the important aspect of
    Risk & Money Management. There might be a stop loss, trailing stop loss, exit point on a single trade,
    but these are based on the trade itself, not on the current account value calculated from a daily perceptive
    of trading.

    VisualRMM Interactive will automatically follow a set of money management rules that will protect you during a daily trading session, regardless of what kind of instrument you are trading. These money management rules are user predefine in an ini file and can be modified whenever you like as you progress in your trading.

    An example below, based on the total account value.

    1. Daily Stop loss, 5% loss on the account

    2. Move stop loss to break-even, 2.50% profit

    3. Trail stop loss from break-even, 4.50% profit

    4. Trailing stop loss in increments of 1.75% profit

    5. Exit point for the day, 15% profit

    With this "daily" money management protection, plus your own single trade protection with stop loss, exit points and so forth you will certainly have more control over your daily trading session.

    VisualRMM Interactive is based on the principle that a total daily protection is needed during "live" trading. You will be restrained from over trading, emotional and revenge trading. VisualRMM Interactive will react on your own predefined "trading profile" with messages and sound alerts. VisualRMM interactive is broker independent, and can be used with any broker.
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    VisualRMM Interactive, screenshot.