Visually Impaired ?

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    First off let me state that I am not a blind man......However, I am curious about what some of you elites out there think. About the possibliity of, or maybe you may know personally. A consistently profitable, but legally blind daytrader.....

    For the mechanical trader it would also be difficult, but especially so for the discretionary daytrader....But I personally believe there are traders like this..
  2. It would be interesting to know if it is true but would require more than "personally believe" to establish the existence of blind traders- not long-term investors who can read quarterly reports. I doubt it since vision is a key ingredient. But would be a nice story if it were true.
  3. I believe it is definitely possible...I worked several years for CO airlines in reservations where computers were essential to our business....there were two blind reservationist who had special computers designed for the blind and did as well as the sighted. I would therefore assume there are computers out there that "read" the charts...signals etc that traders use. don't know for sure tho
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    You maybe right optioncoach but since 90% of the trading public loses anyway..It seems like what think we see in the price, or the charts, and what's "really" there are two different things..:p ....But, I hear you..
  5. Well thousands of people who are mentally impaired trade, so why not visually...

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    That's a good one:D
  7. Pretty easy to do with audio and brail keyboard.

    Easy being relative.
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    Nice answer Donna
    I'll chip in a comment about the well known Ray Charles.
    He was blind and could not read sheets of music or see his keys.(piano) ...but he had the inner drive for music.

    Of course he had the huge problem of dealing with the world being setup for sighted people.