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  1. sombody on this board recently sent me a private message about my signature "Visualize! And it will happen."

    I've used this method in many aspects of my life and have found it to be extremely helpful.

    Here is a link to a few articles visualization in sports psychology...and I think they can be helpful in trading and just to help reach any goals in life.
    hope you find it interesting.
    scroll down to the section"visualization & imagery"
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  3. Thanks for sharing, I know this is something used by many top athletes. I recently got interested in hypnosis and started a thread on the subject but only got amused responses.
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    uptik2000, Kicking, hopefully Commisso(always has good thoughts): Often we talk about how to deal with a losing streak. My potential problem next week could be the opposite of the same coin. I'm coming off my 9th winning day in a row and am overwhelmed with cockiness. You know the feeling. When you wish you could call everyone you know and tell them you are THE MAN. Unfortunately throughout my career this has been the warning sign of drawdown city. Highs in personal equity seem to be formed by the same euphoria that creates all tops. My question, how to stay grounded and not think that any old trade I make Monday will be money.
  5. Pabst-
    yes , I do know the feeling. I figured out my January #'s and by no means did I break the bank, but my winning percentage was 84%. One of the best months I've ever had. And to be honest I've found myself stalling on opening my Echo acct.
    Psychology plays such a big role in trading. Especially when you're trading for you and only you.
    I keep thinking, "oh yeah you did well trading 200-300 blocks , but what if you start doing 500-1000 lots?" Are you still going to do well? I figured out my TerraNova commissions for 2001. And then figured out what it would be if I was at a pro firm. I would have saved a bundle.
    I think its good that I'm taking a break. Ski a little. Spend time with the lady. And then just get back into it , and most important, STICK with the PLAN.
    Funny thing is when I went to happy hour..i visualized that I'd be back home at 11pm or so to play with the cat, and get to bed early so I can wake up and wash the Jeep tomorrow. And look at's 11pm . My frozen pizza is burning!!!!:D
  6. I recently read a thread on anther forum called "risk of ruin"

    In spiritual thought the phrase is:
    "Results grow where attention grows"

    "What your visualize and believe will materialize"


    I have been reading N V Peale's
    The Power of Positive Thinking
    and finished the chapter on where a friend takes them through the visualize to actualize process and guides them to turning their struggling magazine into a prosperous vital magazine.

    I know one trader who visualizes before the start of trading and shared: "no visualization, no trading."

    His visualization was along the lines of his wife coming up to him and saying "honey your fantastic! You're the best trader ever!! Soon you'll be at $1 million dollars!!! I love you! You're Great!"

    I have read many books on the idea of manifesting through the visualization and belief process including:

    Think and Grow Rich - Napolean Hill
    The Magic word w.d Gann
    The New Testatment

    I have just started HypnoCybernetics

    and I'm looking forward to the exercises.

    I believe for myself removing block about deserving will be the key to helping me visualize myself successful - which I am working on getting better at.

    All the best to my fellow traders!

    May the Force be with you!
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    No doubt visualisation is the key.. I always wonder what J.Simons / who by the way is my idol/and his bunch visualize before day begins..they sure must have some picture in their heads, now go figure what that is:D
  8. Poor bastard. That's a lot of baggage he insists on carrying. The market is an expensive venue in which to play out personal drama.
  9. The rest of the story is that he said one day it was true

    His wife came up and said the words he had imagined.

    His trading is (or at least was at that time - I am not in contact now ) going extremely well and he felt the positive visualization he had chosen for himself was a key to his success. He had made over $40,000 that month as I recall.

    (Perhaps I was unclear in the early post but baggage was not part of what he felt, nor what I understood. Many of us would love to have a supporting loving wife - and her love and admiration was not conditional upon his success.)

    good trading to all.
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