Visualising the Hershey-SCT P-V Relationship

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  1. For the many years we here are having the troubles to visualise the elusive price-volume relationship proposed by the famous Mister Hershey and clarified by the less famous Mister SpyderTrader. After much of the collaboreation, we here are completed propertytary codings so that any fool can be understanding the whats-are-goings-ons of the said relationship. If you will be looking at the filing attached, you will be seeing an exemplary example of these codings cleverly at the work. The line being coloured blue is an inventive Adaptive First-Order Infinite-Impulse-Response (AFOIIR) filtering of the price, conventionarily modulation-normalised for the clarity. The line being coloured red is a Non-Adaptive IIR (NAIIR) filtering of the volume, similarly conventionarily normalised. By co-normalising the price and the volume, we are being able to be seeing when the price parameter is becoming the driving mathematical functioning of the volume parameter, when the parameter couple is rolling over, and when they are being undecided. With this visualisation tooling, we are concluding that the P-V relation is validary, and we are using it in the applying of the method-SCT given us by the Mister Hershey. If in future you are looking at the taping closely, you will be seeing the printing of our tradings. Regardings to all from here to there!
  2. Art

    I love it.

    Much better than your first posts under this alias.
  3. The famous Mister Hershey is loving the art of the trading! We are in the hoping that our ingenuous codings of your P-V Relation are not making it the too easy for the unworthies to it understand. So to be making it the harder to understand we are simplfying it. The filing attached is adding a second pain to the visualisation for the showing of the conventionally normalised P-V linings in full scale normalisation, conventionally. There-the-by the any fool can be seeing not only the relation among the P and the V, but the strengths and the strengthenings of said relations. We are hoping you are liking it, and that you there will visit us here ones day too soon. For we are having many questionings of the the the anofemalies we are seeing in the contravention of the Standard Hershey Canoning. The less famous Mister Spydertrader having stating that the P-V Relation is applying to all frames of timing, regardless of the fractaling, we are successing in the applying of the Method-SCT to the fast scalloping of the Mini-E's. Thusly far we are only in the making of X.05 of the ranging of the day, but we are still having the highly hopes. In future we here will be posting to you there the strange anofemalies which are heretically suggesting that the theora of the Standard Canonings may be in the needing of the some clarifying lemmas, much as the butter is improving by the clarifying there-the-of into the ghee.
  4. To you of those whom loaded down the pervious filing, we are in the hoping that you are noticing a saleant feature of the combining of the normalised normalised P-V Relation and the unnormalised normalised PV-Relation. As the charting is approaching the nearing of the closing for toiday, this day, you mau be thinking that you are the noticing of the notioning of the increasing of the increase. In the other words, not only can the voluming be the increasing, the volume can be increasingly increasing. But what if the increasing of the pricing is not increasingly increasing as fastly as the increasing of the increasing of the volume? We are not of the telling! As the famous Mister Hershey having said, "Be doing the working!" This insighting into the inner entrails of the P-V Relation is what we here say to you there is True Hersheying. We here are The True Hersheyites. We are having the fun in the calling of you the there True Blowinskis. What is the differencing between the us here and the you there? We here are holy mens, like the Famous Mister Hershey. Every the day we are braiding our hair into the likeness of the holy horse tail. And every day, as we go to the holy trading, we are dressing as the solemn holy gentlemen that we are, in our tuckses. Some are even giving themselves to the deforming of the teeth to appear the more like the Master, the whom e are musting to be the more like. Holy mens will always be the winning at the holy SCT trading. The unholy mens will always be the losing, for they are the taking always of the sides other of our tradings.
  5. I get hung up on PV at a lot of places. But prominent among the anomalous cases is that of significantly changing price on unchanging and nearly invisible volume. I guess that on Jack's PV quad chart it's the dot in the very middle. Admittedly the attached screenshot is of after-hours, but, hey, man, the nightime is when the Polack astronauts went to the sun to avoid getting burnt up.
  6. Well, it goes like this. ET is not an eleemosynary society.

    Suppose someone asks in a post: "Are EMAs useful?"

    Some kind soul might reply: "Yes, but not across the board for all instruments. Each instrument has its own idiosyncratically useful EMA."

    The response comes back: "Is that true of NQ?"

    Kind soul replies: "Most assuredly."

    Response: "Well what's the period of it?"

    Kind soul: "You will learn more by finding it yourself than if I just tell you."

    Conversation terminating response: "Well fuck you, then!"
  7. OK, here is something that is not supposed to happen: price rising and volume falling, not in a retrace. It's amonalous.
  8. This one is absolutely priceless. Price has found the LOD and rises to test and break the HOD. What does volume do? Decrease!

    Quod erat dumbonstrandum. My work here is done. Bye.
  9. Incapable of explaining to YOU, you innumerate cretin!
  10. Still don't believe that PV is flawed? Before this chart in time, price tested and broke the HOD, then retraced to the open. The chart picks up there as price bounces off the open, clearly rising to a confirmation of the upward breakout. And what does volume do? Decrease!
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