Visual Unemployment

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    Looks like a scenario of some plague or black death.

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  2. Fucking banks!
  3. Nice Graphics.... Scary Reality.
  4. Nice video graphics...government should really do something about this.
  5. old news....

    We all ready know the damage.

    We also understand that this decade the unemployment numbers may have a range between. 8%-10%.

    Lower taxes more, cut red tape on starting companies...increase the "Want " to manufacture in this country, get rid of Unions, Stop the Gov overspending, Etc.

    We know what needs to be done.

    If not, good luck to those who are not in the right industry or who are not position'd to have zero income for 10 years.

    The choice is the scumbags on both the isles out, those who do nothing in favor of our country, capitalism, or growth.

    If you look at the majority of the states that are not having a slight turnaround.....they are majority democratic...they voted for this guy and is clown they will live in the bed that they bought to lay in.

    No simpathy from me.