Visual Studio 2005 Standard or Professional ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bpatrick, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Does anyone know if buying the Professional edition of Visual Studio 2005 provides any real benefits over the Standard edition that would make a difference.
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    If you are writing standalone app you might want to check out Express SKUs. I run Team System though. I like to have it ALL :cool:
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    BTW you can run it side by side with VS'03 so give it a try.
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    I believe the difference is that Standard if for one person doing development and Professional is for a group.

    Here's a blurb from,1759,1645518,00.asp
    It's dated 2004.

    With Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition we've recognized there is no one right tool for all developers and we've tried to target the line at the different types of developers," said Jay Roxe, product manager for Visual Basic, in an interview with eWEEK. "With Standard Edition we're targeting individuals who develop professional commercial quality applications but who develop on their own. The announcement of Standard Edition completes the picture for the Visual Studio product line.
  6. From that previous Microsoft product comparison link....

    It looks like the biggest differences are the following:

    1. Professional has compiler support for 64 bit platforms, Standard Edition does not.

    2. Professional Integrates with SQL Server 2005, Standard Edition does not.

    3. Professional allows remote debugging, Standard Edition does not.

    4. Professional includes SQL Server 2005 Development Edition tools, Standard Edition does not.

    So, if you are doing any kind of development work for 64 bit machines, or database involving SQL Server 2005 then you should probably make sure to get the Professional Edition.
  7. I think Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System is the right choice for individuals.
  8. Dont but a crippled or incomplete version. basically if you need to use VS then you will need the so-called "Enterprise" featues - all of which you can get in Linux/LAMP and related development for free.

    If you are saying that you dont need most or all of the "enterprise" features then you might not need VS at all and another environment from either $soft or an opensource vendor would be just a useful ....
  9. Another sign of the crumbling empire of MicroShit.

    Once they get enough freeloaders on board, and have obliterated the opposition (which is their aim), then they start charging through the nose again.

    Always has been the same game with them.

  10. I know GNU GCC well and like it, but I'd say it's immature to assume this compiler suite can be compared to VS2005 (cl.exe and the IDE).

    VS2005 has things like intelligent background compilation and a superior debugger, nothing open-sourced even comes close yet.

    That's nothing unusual - there are likely millions of hours of menpower behind it.
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