Visual Basic API programming help wanted

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by xtrader, May 14, 2003.

  1. xtrader


    I am coding an automated algorithm to interface with an API to j_trader.

    I have a BS in Computer Science but have not coded in years.

    In return I will provide you assistance in trading. I have many years of successful professional experience.
  2. CalTrader

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    Well .... Its easy to get rusty if you haven't been working with a particular language for some time ..... Keep in mind that if your needs are modest you can possibly handle it - VB is very straightforward in its earlier incarnation - Visual Basic/VIsual Studio 6.x. The new Dot Net Framework is more complicated and for many things - other than web services and related ideas - you could get by with VB6 and the old platforms.

    Just keep in mind that if your system is nontrivial you will need to choose a platform and language which will be supported for a few years. At this point in time its a tough call as to whether you go with VB.Net, C# etc in the microsoft environment or move to the open source platforms like Linux Java mySQL etc.

    ... Couldn't help you myself since I am very busy and this isn't our kind of project but if you have something to offer you should get several potential takers from this board as there are many students and ex it people lurking about here ......

    Another idea if you can pay something modest is to offer an internship at the local college: there are lots of unemployed computer science people looking for jobs and even small dollars would probably get many takers ...