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  1. ‘They’ say the a picture is worth a thousand words. Post pictures here that will help or inspire traders to improve/understand their performance.

    Please do not move this thread out of the psycho section as it does relate to positively recalibrating the neural network lazily referred to as the ‘mind’ using image bombs.
    And Professional Thread Molesters, please stay out…Go molest thyself instead.
  2. Scalpers Hard At Work
  3. You might want to place this Gargoyle near your computer to scare away your trading demons.
  4. You might want to purchase this toy when your account hits its first 10 million dollar interval.
  5. Steve Cohen would like to turn his hedge fund into this:
  6. I am starting to worry about you my son.:p
  7. I don't worry about your worries.:)
  8. Someone please help me with instructions on how to upload and imbed an image right onto the post text so you don’t have to click on the links.
    I also want Gordo's Christina clip (from the 'do you listen to music while you trade' thread). How would I copy that onto this thread?
    The help section really doesn’t help.
    Thank you in advance for your help if you decide to offer it.
  9. Look in the ET code when you hit reply. Instructions on [​IMG]
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    a classic!!
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