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  1. Boomer


    Is anyone using Vista successfully?

    I am about to purchase a great computer that is on sale, but it only come with Vista...

  2. I'm using it and its great except that when you take the computer out of sleep mode, after an hour or so, the screen goes dark and you have to turn it off. Lately, the same thing happens sometimes when you try to watch a video:mad:
  3. lescor


    It's Sunday morning and I just wiped out the partition on my trading machine that had Vista on it and am going back to XP.

    For the most part, Vista isn't that bad, but there are odd little glitches with certain programs that I just can't explain any other way than a Vista conflict. I was having problems getting some custom written software to work properly (again, unexplained problems, it ran fine on xp machines) and that was the final straw.

    If trading is your livelihood, think twice about going into uncharted territory with software, or at least have a backup. Every hang up or problem is potentially lost income.
  4. jemaran


    I am using Vista for the last 4 months with Tradestaion and I.B .
    and did not have any problems .
  5. Boomer


    thanks for the replies...

    for those that have vista, do you have home or pro (or whatever they call it)?
  6. Odgnut


    Have 3 computers with Vista. Two with Home Premium and one with Vista Business. All very stable using both Cybertrader (Charles Schwab now), IB TWS standalone, and Qcharts. Been using it since Vista came out. Turned off UAC in Vista immediately after started using it which was the only major annoyance.
  7. i use vista with Tradestation and Open Ecry and 4 monitors attahced and have no problems with it at all
  8. Odqnut, what is uac. Appreciate a reply. Thanks
  9. I was wondering that also. Will be purchasing a new machine this year, and prolly will have to buy Vista. My only issue is that it is such a memory hog. I want to turn off everything I can. I know nothing about doing this however. Do you get to choose what parts of the program you want during the initial startup, or do you have to know what you are doing to go and delete the bells and whistles?