Vista = Windows ME.

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  1. Fact.
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    can't agree more.

    it will go down the same path as well, into oblivion.

    p.s. don't bother buying new software. Because when Windows 7 comes out next year, unlike VISTA, it will be able to run ALL the XP programs.
  3. lol!!!!!!!! thanks for the laugh.

    w7 won't be out until 2011, if that. and when it's out, it will initially be unstable as all ms o/s's since w3.1 have been, so you'd probably have to wait several months for sp1. by then vista will be as stable as xp is now and everyone will be saying don't bother buying w7, just get vista + sp4.
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    Vista != ME.

    ME was a failure because of bad code.

    Vista is being slowly adapted to the marketplace because of bad consumers.

    If windows 7 really supports "all XP software", then it will be no better than what vista could be with a decent service pack (SP1 is not "decent", SP1 simply makes Vista viable).

    And software isn't why people shy away of Vista. It is the fact that Hardware vendors all took the "wait and see" approach to supporting it which meant the ignorant consumers upgraded without first becomming informed about the fact that they needed new hardware that supported Vista.

    The places where you could fault MS concerning the Vista launch are as follows:

    1) Price point. There should have been 2 versions of Vista. Home basic, and Ultimate. the other 2 are worthless. They should have been priced at 100$ and 150$.

    2) Not pressuring hardware vendors (and system manufacturers) enough about making sure they supported the new hardware demands.

    3) Not educating the consumers (and thier own marketing and sales forces) about the new hardware demands. It's pretty sad when your own lawyers get confused about the "Vista compatable" marketing campaign.
  8. Not surprising. Windows Vista was to come in 2003, came in 2007, 5 years after Win XP! Then, bugs, errors etc. Name was also different “Longhorn”]. Bill Gates a clever man, started piracy to market win 3.1, then started virus on pretext to attack piracy and help virus software. Microsoft also in unfair marketing & competition, court cases against it.
  9. has anybody had problems with Service Pack 1 for Vista....i.e. making things worse? can a restore point revert things to before the Service Pack was installed?
    I am just curious
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