Vista Service pack fix ?

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    I am in the process of buying a new rig and the service guy told me not to bother installing XP pro because Vista is coming out with a Service pack fix that plugs all the leaks and stream lines resourses making it much less of a hog.

    True or False ?
  2. It's true they're coming out with a service pack. Whether it lives up to someones claims we'll see.

    Meanwhile, I bought a new computer and installed XP Pro.

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    What happens when the drivers aren't compatible because the machine is made for Vista is this hard to fix ???

  4. You should not buy a Vista machine with the intention of replacing Vista with XP unless you know the machine also comes with XP as an option... Otherwise, you may not be able to find drivers.
  5. Its worth noting that the Vista SP1 doesn't improve performance significantly.

    On the other hand SP3 for XP gives a 10% improvement over SP2 with multiprocessor (duo) systems.

    Also that MS are apparently working hard on the replacement for Vista ... maybe it will be called XP+ ?

    gnome, are you saying that part manufacturers are not releasing XP drivers now?
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    I installed the Vista SP1 beta a few weeks ago on Vista Business 64.

    It does seem to be more stable but this isn't the "end all" of service packs like NTsp4, 98se, or XPsp2 were.

    Personally (running Vista on 3 PCs and XP on 4), I haven't experienced all the issues that most people say. Most of the "hardcore" review/benchmark sites do not understand what Vista does. You cannot do a direct comparison between the teo because they are completely different Operating systems built upon different architectures.

    IMO, if you are someone who doesn't like your Computer doing stuff for you (that you didn't ask it to do), then you are not going to ever be happy with Vista. If you listen to the "experts" and disable those features, then you cripple the OS and it is going to lose to XP 95% of the time.

    On the other hand, if you are willing to put a bit of trust in the hands of company that built the OS, you will find that it is overall a pleasent computing experience.

    If you are buying all fresh, there is really no reason to not go Vista at this point. And let vista do it's thing. You will see higher CPU and Memory usage during normal operation (as well as when idle) but you will not see reduced overall performance in your apps.

    On the other hand, if you are planning on just buying a tower and hooking up your existing printer, keyboard, mouse, microphone, webcam, etc you might run into problems and I would recommend XP.

    You also want to take a look at the apps that you run. If you have a lot of "legacy" software that you run becuase you can't or don't want to upgrade to new versions, you might end up having problems with vista.

    On the other hand, if you are holding out on the Vista change for hardware or software issues, it is certainly time that you start thinking about "getting with the times"....

    Vista IS the future of Operating Systems. Simple as that. You will have to update eventually unless you never plan on needing anything more out of your computer than you have now and never plan on your current computer breaking down.
  7. With XP sort of "on the way out", there will become a time when XP drivers are no longer made. It's partly true now for some legacy items, and could be true for more proprietary items like notebooks.

    XP Pro is going to be around until at least 2015. If you bought a new machine with XP on it today, would you even still have it in 2015?

    If you want to mess around with Vista just for kicks, that's one thing. But for trading where you want there to be no problems from the start, XP Pro is a safer choice.
  8. Did he also tell you that the new XP service pack will crush the best vista will have to offer post or pre vista sp1?
  9. Microsoft should maintain XP Pro indefinately for business people (and traders) who need power, a lean mean machine, not gadgets like those stupid sidebars etc.

    Mr. Softy shot themselves in the foot again with Vista.

    Sort of on the way out means being pulled from distribution channels on June 30, 2008!
    Support does last longer however.

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