Vista Rant

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ssblack, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. ssblack


    OMG, I hate this POS OS. I am trying to uninstall Adobe Pro on the wife's notebook (brand new Vaio) and it is now 30m into the process, still not done. Retarded!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. ET873


    You can still buy XP Pro, that's what I am using. I will never go to Vista, hopefully whatever comes after Vista will be at least as good as XP. I also boot Ubuntu and I like that OS.
  3. Information Week mag just had an article about Vista.....and the conclusion was that it will NEVER be as fast as XP.
    Moreover, XP SP3 is coming out which will be faster than SP2.
    Vista is dead.
  4. Brandonf

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    Vista and Microsoft both suck big fat hairy molded monkey nuts. EOM.
  5. ET873


    I somehow doubt SP3 will be faster than SP2. The last thing M$ would want to do is make their old operating system, which is already faster than their new OS, even faster. The the only way they can get people to "upgrade" to Vista is by cutting off the supply of Windows XP. Now, it's not all about performance. That's part of the reason why I prefer to program in Java even though it is probably slower than C++ in most cases. And it used to be much, much slower than C++. But with Java, I don't have to worry about memory management and I have great tools for Java development like the Eclipse IDE. So I may be giving up a little performance, but at least I am getting a lot in return. Plus, if I want it faster, I either go back and develop it in C++ or buy faster hardware. Although, hardware is cheaper than my time so I'll probably opt for the brute force approach if that is an alternative. But with Vista, I don't see what one gains. I suppose it's probably more secure than XP, but only if one happens to be a complete idiot and attempts to open / install everything they can find on the Internet. I like Ubuntu, if it was not for some compatibility issues, I would be using it exclusively.