Vista or XP ?

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  1. On my desktop I still use XP , however I gonna buy a laptop and most offer Vista...should I worry ?
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    I recently bought a vista and downgraded to xp pro, probably did not have to anymore. I think windows 7 is coming out very soon
  3. my vista works fine.
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    Dell still offers XP on notebooks.... Vostro 2510 gets their best reviews.
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    I think Win XP Pro is more stable and compatible with things on the market. I would recommend it for a trading system.
  6. XP is much more stable and the main reason is that it was based on Windows NT platform which wasn't a MS product in the first place. (As far as I recall Microsoft bought server system from someone else and called it NT)
  7. I heard Vista owners will receive free upgrade to Windows 7 upon its release.
  8. Vista laptop is fine!

    Main problem with Vista is on desktops where people want to have more than say, 4 monitors. A 4+ monitor setup in Vista gets tricky and more expensive than in XP.

    I recently bought 2 Dell systems with Vista/RAID-0 which I was very happy with. Until I got to the point of adding video cards.

    As a result, I've installed XP on 1 of those and do so on the other.

    I don't like Vista's video card options.
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    The real question is: When can one buy a laptop with Windows 7 on it?
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    Will be getting wifey a notebook computer for her birthday soon.

    I still want to use XP, so Dell looks the most likely choice... Vostro 2510, probably.
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