vista not compatible with matrox 450

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  1. I just purchased a new hp computer with vista premium. it has a nvidia g8400 gs tv card. it is not compatible with my matrox g450 pci card. now i need to get an nvidia card to run 2 more monitors since this computer only has one pci slot. can anyone recommend a good used nvidia 2 monitor card?
    so far i have to say vista is very annoying. not impressed at all.
  2. I have a new dell with vista and agree, very annoying... anyway, I am running a Nvidia GEforce 256mb 8600GTS(dual DVI), good video card. Running 30" dell and performs great (I have dual cards) 4-monitors..... purchased mine from, you can go to (CNET) for reviews and buying options

    In reviewing your post you stated hat you wanted "to run 2 more monitors", will you be running more than 2? You should check with HP for a list of compatible cards and options...

    Good luck...
  3. i want to run 3 total but have only one pci slot. i need a good nvidia dual pci card rec.
  4. Check out Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 PCI. Though Nvidia has "universal" driver, there's still a possibility the NVS won't work with your g8400.. it's from Nvidia's "gamer" series, the NVS is from their "workstation" series.

    If they won't work together, then you can replace your g8400 and go with Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 PCIE + 280 PCI. Used 285's go on eBay for <$20. 280 PCI cards are a bit more because there are so few.

    Also, you could look for some other g83xx or g84xx dualhead... that should work too.
  5. Thanks for the plug, but I'm out of video cards now... selling different crap these days... :D
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    I had the same problem. The PCI-E card that came with the machine should have two outputs (one DVI, one ???). Mine came with the 8300. You can use both of them for dual use even though it's meant to be a single port card. Then just get another single port card for the third monitor. This is the cheapest's what I did.
  7. my card only has one dvi port.
  8. why do you say that vista is not compatible with your video card?

    maybe the problem is your video card is not compatible with vista.
  9. You realize, don't you, that as soon as you have 3 monitors, you'll want 4?

    The Nvidia Quadro NVS's are probably the best on the market for trading rigs.
  10. I got it with a new machine... killed it almost immediately!!! Not compatible with X-Trader or any high end trading platforms. Major memory hog. Too much glitz and not enough in the way of practicality. The menus and navigation was so annoying. Dump it and go to XP Pro.... much more solid.
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