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    I need to vent .... why is Vista such a disaster .... as an example I have an EXE that double-checks at the end of the day that I am not over margin. I installed as a service with srvany. On Windows XP, a few simple steps, no problem.

    On Vista

    - The service process didn't show up in task manager, I had to download Process Explorer to even see if it was running or not
    - The working directory defaults to something weird .... had to do a lot of digging to find out how to fix that in the registry
    - Had to change the account the service uses, otherwise no network access
    - If I stop the service the process doesn't terminate. While trying to fix things it left a bunch of ghost processes which caused even more unexpected behavior.

    Not to mention the "feature" where the INI file (may or may not) get be redirected to a local store folder.

    Does Windows 7 have all this hacked up "security" stuff?
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    And why does MS try to make you install 10 different apps when you upgrade MSN Messenger??? And even if you deselect all of them, it still installs 3 extra apps anyway?
  3. Vista is my main system last couple of years (use it a few hours a day, heavily. Runs fine. Main thing I notice with every Windows, is you gotta completely power down every couple of days when you have like 10-20 apps/tabs open, or it hangs up - same with my previous windows.

    My main gripe is with Office 2007 - everything was SO rearranged, I never used some of its main functionality, and made my own toolbar with the 20-30 icons I used in Office 2003...
  4. I use Windows Movie Maker to edit Windows movie files. It doesn't run well on XP, so I had to upgrade to Vista.

    I won't upgrade to Windows 7 because I don't want to take chances. I'll be extremely upset if I buy a new laptop containing Windows 7 and Movie Maker does not run right.
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    I don't know what's so hard about making an OS modular. I have no use for 3/4's of the crap they put on there. Hell, I'd be happy with the old DOS Green Screen if it meant my system was stable and fast.
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    I heard that Win7 is indeed modular...
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    Yeah at least once you manage to get things set up right, it is stable. I haven't rebooted for several months.
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    I had an idea for an OS based on sandboxes. Everything (even non-critical OS components) goes into an OS-level sandbox with whitelist security. When you install something it will show a single well-recognized security screen showing the privileges that the application is requesting for it's sandbox. Running in the background is a privilege. Accessing the network is a privilege. Listening on a port is a privilege. Any disk access outside the sandbox is a privilege.

    People like me would love it, most people would ignore it, but at least if you got in trouble it would be easy to kill a sandbox.
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    Since it takes months before many apps have stable drivers available for new Windows OS it is best to wait until a new OS has been out for about a year. That also give you time to read some reveiws and see what the problems are.

    I just ordered a new laptop and plan to use the XP downgrade instead of installing Vista. I may not even use the free upgrade to Windows 7 unless it gets some great reviews by spring.
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