Vista for $611 a joke? Try $713!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Blurb in the Inquirer today... Vista Ultimate costs the equivalent of $713 retail in Great Britain. OEM version, a mere $265.... that's before the vendor's markup, of course.

    What at HOSER!
  2. romik


    How much is an OS for a Mac?
  3. ?? Didn't know anyone cared... :D
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    Mini mac is fantastic, I've used one recently, OS very user friendly and now with Intel dual core it was pretty quick, definitely see it as a valid contender to a PC in a home environment. I don't know how prices compare to a same spec PC. I have been considering switching to a Mac for a while now.
  5. I think many of us will be trying the Mac and Linux... anything to avoid the M$ Vista extortion.
  6. MAC OSX Tiger full retail version box is $129

    Or are you asking the cost of Windows XP to run on the newer MACS?? I have not actually done this. The full Windows XP version with SP2 retails for around $299
  7. I hate using Microsoft products.
    With the advent of so many WEB 2.00 online versions, why bother?
  8. Why pay $129 when open source OSX editions are free?
  9. Thats always a choice. It sounded like to me, the poster was just looking to compare the two different products with respect to their current going retail prices.
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    Newb question. If we currently have windows xp home, do we need to buy windows vista or can we continously use windows xp home? Thanks.
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