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  1. Hello computer folk. I'm stuck here. I'm rebuilding a computer, nice fast Intel mobo and all. When I start the Vista [home basic] reinstall the computer won't boot from the Disc. The disc is ok, another machine here will boot from it. The boot order in the BIOS is first the CD then the hdd as it should be. I never get the signal to "press any key to boot from the Disc", it just goes on to boot from the hdd... any clues why that could be, I booted from the same disc, same hdd, before... I googled a bit, came up with not much. There were some instructions to make the DVD drive a slave and the hdd the master but basically I did not change any jumpers or anything on either of those and it was working before...
  2. never mind, got it...
  3. Ok, Vista is fine now apparently but I can't install dotnet 3.5. I googled a bit more and found that probably what I want to do is do all the updates so I'm an hour or three into that circus... the Vista machine has been saying "preparing to install" for an hour it seems... I hope it's actually doing something and tomorrow morning it won't be stuck on the same page...

    Oh, I'll take care of rating this thread a one or a zero... don't worry about it, I'll do it right away... It's just that I've been through this insanity way too many times.

    I learned to program fairly well, enough to cope with Tradestation, Ninja, Openquant, etc... but this computer admin stuff, I should be able to hire an administrator should I not, can't they do things remotely... I'm seriously going to check into that idea, hmmmm, we've got to have these little talks more often...
  4. I guess they don't have thread ratings anymore.. I was not paying much attention to that detail... sort of like the quarter second flash on the corner of the screen saying "press any key to boot from the DVD"....
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    Is it lonely out there Friday night?
  6. Lonely it was for sure.

    Now I'm on to trying to learn to rebuild a Vista machine for trading without opening up the firewall any more than absolutely necessary. It's tricky, like a magic act where you have the canister inside the canister and you show them one at a time to the audience so they can see they are empty, but the stuff you are going to pull out of the empty canisters transfers from one to the other while you show one at a time... you have to be here to understand that probably...

    Hmm.. started on Friday night, by Sunday night I might have this down to a scientific procedure... probably somewhere in the middle Microsoft will pop up like a Jack in the Box and say "you've installed the software that you bought and paid for too many times for our comfort. Step away from the machine and call the telephone number and turn yourself in"
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    Don't use Vista, especially the Home basic version. All versions unsuited to trading.
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    says he is building a super machine and goes with vista HOME BASIC. How lame can you get?
  9. Vista spelled backwards starts with ATS, obviously it's for ATS's. And basically, I run the system at home so Home Basic is the choice here.
  10. please explain
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