Vista Dell aint sure

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  1. I was just checking the status of the new Dell workstation when looking at the top of the page that says

    "Dell recommends windows XP professional'" I find this strange as if Dell doesnt rate Vista either though I amsurprized they are so blatant about ot
  2. I bought a Dell Latitude D420 with SS-drive on Saturday. They were pushing Vista during the build. I went with XP.

    Dell recycles Windows XP

    Customers ignore Vista

    By Nick Farrell: Friday 20 April 2007, 06:48
    HARDWARE MAKER Dell said that it will start offering Windows XP on its products despite the wish of Microsoft for the outfit to just flog Vista.

    Dell switched nearly entirely to Vista-based systems in January, but it has been finding that its customers have walloping the outfit's online suggestion box IdeaStorm asking for XP to be bought back.

    According to the IdeaStorm page Dell has heard the message "loud and clear" and will be bringing the Windows XP option back to its Dell consumer PC offerings.

    Hewlett-Packard, CompUSA, and Lenovo are still flogging XP on some machines.

    Dell is only offering XP Home and Professional as options on four Inspiron laptop models and two Dimension desktops.

    However the move is bad news for Vole, which wants people to move away from XP and buy Vista as soon as possible. Microsoft was expecting that people who were planning to buy a new PC would go for Vista, it appears that there is a hard core that do'nt want to touch it.

    A spokesVole was not phased. He told that it was only a small minority of users who wanted XP, the vast majority wanted Vista.
  4. Cheers for that BUT the point I was making was that DELL are actually recommending XP Professional OVER Vista. That i think is the important point not that are fulfilling customer demand but actually RECOMMNEDING XP