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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shneed, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. shneed


    I've been testing Sterling trader on a Vista business laptop, and have some problems with opening charts and trader screen. Is anyone else trying Sterling on Vista?

  2. reformat your disk
    install windows XP pro

    All your problems will be resolved.
  3. Jonathan


    Hmm, I don't know about Sterling, but I use QuoteTracker on Vista Ultimate and it works great! I realize that isn't much help. :(

    What you could try to do is right click on the .exe and go to the Compatibility Tab and have it run the program in XP compatibility mode. That may fix any problems you were having.
  4. shneed


    tried doing that, didn't work. thanks for the reply
  5. Ezzy


    You would need to check ALL .exe files that run under that program, and set them for window XP compatability mode. If that doesn't work you have to wait for a patch or go back to XP.

    This is what worked for Qcharts and other programs having Vista issues. Vista is a memory hog, CPU not ram. Make sure when you run the program your CPU isn't spiking to 100% useage.

    - EZ

  6. What does this mean?

    A "memory hog" overutilizes RAM, not CPU.
  7. Ezzy


    Yeah, yeah - nit pickers :D

    What it does is stuff that used to be in the Ram is shifted to being run by the CPU, supposedly freeing up the RAM. I got 2 GB so I wouldn't have any RAM issues. Sounded like a great idea. But surprise, surprise - I can spike the dual processor cpu enough to freeze it without too much effort. With XP I only had to worry about the RAM, and something easy to upgrade. With Vista you need to worry about the processor speed, something you can't just replace.

    For example, the desktop manager in Vista uses soo much cpu power, just by moving my cursor across the screen can run the cpu to 30%. Moving a IE window around the screen can spike it to 50%. So open your trading app, maybe a chat window, re-arrange a couple windows and you can get into trouble.

    I can't run Vyew (chat) because of this, while XP had no problem.

    - EZ
  8. Why would anyone even want to use Vista, especially on a box they use to trade. From what I understand it eats up memory like crazy..........not to mention other things.
    Shit, to be honest I hate using XP, and still prefer W2K, but bottom line is I want something, proven, stable, light ,and fast. I think running Vista is risky, and I haven't heard there are any advantages since most of Vista's oohh, ahhh factor is all cosmetic.

  9. Ezzy


    Exactly, they could have done a cosmetic upgrade and called it good. I loved XP because a lot of problems and glitches I had before disappeared with the upgrade.
  10. well I ran Sterling, SpeedTrader(DAS), had "In Play" up, ran a streaming audio feed of Bloomberg and was running Yahoo messenger on my HP Pavillion w/ 2gb ram and and extra monitor and had no problems.

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