Visiting the NYSE

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dividend, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hi. Has anyone been able to visit the NYSE? I checked their website,... apparently they still aren't allowing guests, probably due to the post-9/11 security... Now that the NYSE is hybrid (or going to be), I think it would be important to visit the exchange and see what the specialist system is really like before it changes due to the new merger. Does anyone have any resources or "connections" (hehe) to allow a member of the public (me) inside for a tour?

    I spoke with a NYSE rep a while ago, and said if I was part of a "member firm" it could be arranged... that was when I was going to go proprietary trading... right now I'm retail so that option would not be available.

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    I got to tour the floor last summer. A friend hooked it up through a connection. I got to hang out with a specialist for about 20 mins just asking questions. At the time they really didn't have many details on the hybrid system, but it didn't seem like anyone was very excited about it. There seemed to be some fear.

    I also asked a clerk who was giving me the tour some of these questions, and his boss called him over and whispered something about not answering my questions in detail. Not sure why.
  3. that's pretty cool. im going to try to contact the nyse again... i foolishly lost the email for the rep at the nyse :|

    would love to see exactly what they're doing down there. i hope they'd let me videotape things too.
  4. I was able to visit as part of the "FACTS" program. It was cool, got to run around with a floor broker and hang out with a specialist for a little while. Also had breakfast upstairs where they gave a presentation trying to pitch the exchange, this was when they were promoting the NYOB. It was interesting seeing traders asking the specialist about what was going on in the stock that day and who was a buyer or seller. The specialist would usually respond with something like...most action is on the dot, Bear was a seller @ x price..etc.