Visit the Bank that Transacts in Cheese

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  2. Yeah, also honey and buckwheat - things with infinite expiery when stored properly.
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    Why don't they develop a futures market for cheese that expires in 18 - 36 months exactly matching the aging process of the cheese so nobody needs to take on any risks?
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  4. I hope it is a very good cheese.
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    Ceramic jars containing the world's oldest honey (as far as archaeologists have found) — about 5,500 years old — were discovered in the tomb of a noblewoman in Georgia, not far from Tbilisi. They say honey never expires, but this honey is really old.Sep 11, 2014
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  6. Wow!I`d taste it.

    They also still keep finding Adyghe cheese in Caucasus mountains.Fossil one, but you can still eat it.
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