Visit Dubai=leave your Blackberry at home?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by LEAPup, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Well there's wi-fi everywhere in dubai, people will cope
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    Just wonder if they can pull this kind of crap, the internet could possibly be another target according to the article.

    Strange World...
  4. I have to admit that Dubai has some inconsistent set of laws, and this inconsistency is what scaring away many visitors. News about women being raped and then get thrown to jail really shown how Dubai has no proper legal system and has a perverted set of values.

    Leave yourself at home. Don't go to Dubai.
  5. the brits still love dubai though
  6. Arabs are like Southerners. I'll let you figure out the rest.

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    this quote from an AP news story;

    "The UAE contends some BlackBerry features operate outside the country's laws, "causing judicial, social and national security concerns." At the heart of their concerns is the way the BlackBerry handles data, which is encrypted and routed through the RIM's servers overseas, where it cannot be monitored for illegal activity."

    Is this true about BlackBerry devices? I've never owned one so seeking info from those in the know. Is it just data like text messages, email, etc or is it voice as well? Or is it govt BS?
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    Looks like they're going after texting, and email. I had a Blackbarry World phone when I traveled more often, and it did well. Now I'm carrying the old 8700 which is almost indestructible.

    As far as the idiots in the middle east, they can kiss my a**!:mad:
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    Correction: They are banning texting, email, AND the internet on all Blackberry devices. Idiots!:mad:
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